Cultural program

The Donetsk National Medical University provides all the possibilities for students and lecturers to realize their aspirations. Among foreign students, the most popular holidays and parties are:

- national holidays (Independence Days and Culture Days of their own countries, Dipavali, Holi, Chinese New Year, etc.);

- religious holidays (Ramadan, Christmas, etc.);

- Crimea state medical university holidays (Faculties Days, graduation balls, days of the Russian language, Food Festival)

- international holidays (New Year, Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day, etc.)

The favourite place for such holidays is a beautiful and well-equipped House of Culture of DonNMU for more than 700 people. Modern audio- and video-equipment, as well as professional staff and security system allows to hold all the events at a high level. Some holidays take place in other halls of DonNMU or in the open air.

There is a folk dance group “Youth”, a pop dance group, a show-ballet “Shelder”, an amateur theatre, a break dancing group, several choirs and a choir of foreign students at the Donetsk National Medical University.

Respecting any confession, the Donetsk National Medical University has organized praying rooms in the hostels for representatives of different religions.
There are five museums on the territory of the Donetsk National Medical University: the museum of DonNMU history, the museum of Anatomy, the museum of Biology, the museum of Histology, and the museum of Forensic Medicine.

Tours to ancient towns and natural attractions of the Crimea are held regularly for foreigners to get acquainted with culture and sights of our peninsula.

We are sure that while studying at DonNMU, our students become not only good doctors but also highly-educated, cultural and inquisitive people